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Below are a selection of horses sold by Euro Sport Horses over the years. Please get in touch with your requirements if you are looking for a new horse.

Photo: Kampic


Heartbreaker x Hamlet x Ramiro Z

2004 170cm Approved Hanoverian Stallion

Euro Sport Heartbreaker was purchased as a 3yr old by Euro Sport Horses from Gestüt Rahmannshof in Essen, Germany. He came through the grades with huge success including: 

2012/13 NZ Grand Prix Series 3rd place

2013 South Island Grand Prix Champion

2012 NZ National Show Jumping Championships 1.40-50m Championship 3rd place

2011/12 NZ 7yr old Series 6th place

2011 7yr old Horse of the Year 6th place

2011 NZ National 7yr old Championship 2nd place

2010 South Island 6yr old Champion


Photo: Paula Williams


Nimmerdor x Avignon x Ukase

1998 167cm KWPN gelding

Euro Sport Valentino Rossi 'Paris' was purchased from Adam Botham in the UK while Claudia was working at Tim Stockdale's yard. He was a green 7yr old who had only had a few months of competition experience but was competing successfully at Newcomers level. In the 3 years under the ownership of Euro Sport Horses, Paris went from 1.10m to NZ Grand Prix Series Champion. Below are some of his top results:

2008/09 NZ Grand Prix Series Champion

2009 Lady Rider of the Year 6th place

2009 South Island Grand Prix Champion

2009 Premier Stakes at Horse of the Year Show 3rd place

2008 NZ National Young Rider Champion



Emerald x Latano I x Lugano Van La Roche

2008 170cm BWP Stallion

Icaro was found and purchased by Euro Sport Horses in Holland as a 3 year old. Sadly during his breaking in before importation to NZ he developed 'roarers'. He was diagnosed as grade 4 so due to this the difficult decision was made not to bring him to NZ, and he was sold on.

He has gone on to start a successful jumping career with placings to 1.45m currently, with Sweden's Siri Swärd.


ES Centavos x Dream Boy x Genius

2011 172cm HANN gelding

Vali was purchased by Euro Sport Horses as a weanling from breeder Michelle Logan. At 3yrs old he was sold to 2015 Pony of the Year winner Molly Buist Brown as a Grand Prix prospect. After only a handful of shows together, Molly and Vali have gained many wins and placings in show jumping and show hunter up to National level. It looks like he is definitely living up to his potential!


ES Centavos x Distelfink

2010 165cm NZWB mare

Purchased as a yearling from breeder Liz Stewart, Lavanda began her ridden work with Euro Sport Horses before being sold to Amy McMullan as a top jumping prospect, show hunter and show horse. Amy and Lavanda had already had outstanding success together particular in showing and show hunter, winning the Canterbury Young Horse Show Hunter Series for 2016/17 as well as multi Champions and Supreme in the show ring. 

(aka Casper)
ES Heartbreaker x Kingcroft Wicklow
2008 170cm NZWB gelding
Jack was purchased by Euro Sport Horses as a 3yr old. He began his education under saddle, and attended a few small shows for clear rounds at training level.
After changing hands a couple of times he has now found great success with Kirsten Hence, his most notable achievement to date being 6th place in the Show Hunter of the Year Class, HOY 2017.


ES Heartbreaker x Kiwi Courage

2009 170cm NZWB gelding

Ace was purchased as a 2yr old. He began his ridden education at Euro Sport Horses, and competed to 1m before being sold on as a high level jumper and hunter prospect to Rik Van Miltenburg. 

Ace has been performing brilliantly on the hunt field with Rik and most recently Rik's grandson Jordan. We look forward to seeing this combination go on in the future.

Photo: Kimi Knight Photography
Photo: Paula Williams


ES Centavos x Distelfink

2008 162cm NZWB mare

Lirio was schooled and sold on behalf of breeder Liz Stewart by Euro Sport Horses. She was purchased by Amy McMullan for show jumping, show hunter and showing. Amy has had great success with Lirio in these disciplines, including many show ring Champions. 


Cassini I x Caretino x Calypso IV

2008 175cm Holsteiner stallion

Cassini D'Eclipse was purchased by Euro Sport Horses and imported to NZ from Belgium as a foal. Euro Sport Horses stood the young stallion at stud for one season and began his ridden education before being sold on as a breeding and high level jumping prospect.

Several top NZ riders now have Cassini D'Eclipse progeny in their stables.

Photo: Paula Williams


2008 168cm NZTB gelding


'Baba' came to Euro Sport Horses from a racing stable to produce as a sport horse. After ridden education with Euro Sport Horses, he was sold to Bonnie Farrant who has successfully produced Baba to C1* level eventing. 


(formerly Hollywood Export Gold)

Huntington Foxtrot x Croftlea Cloud Dancer

2002 165cm Andalusian/Irish Hunter gelding

Purchased as a 2yr old from Hollywood Andalusians. Euro Sport Horses started and produced 'Ed' to successfully competing in the 5yr old SJ classes. He was sold to the Schischka family and continued on to be a very reliable and competitive show jumper with numerous wins and placings to 1.35m and Pro Am level including the Horse of the Year Show. Ed and Megan Schiska were the winners of the prestigious Knock Out Speed competition at the 2017 NZ World Cup Final Show.  

Photo: Kimi Knight
Huntington Foxtrot x Urban
2002 Andalusian x gelding
'Super' came to Euro Sport Horses as a 2yr old from Hollywood Andalusians. He began his ridden education and showed a lot of promise for dressage. He was sold to Siobhan Fauth who has taken Super all the way to Level 8 dressage now, with many wins and placings along the way. 


1992 165cm Aus TB gelding

'Oliver' was an ex racehorse who competed to 1.35m before being becoming Claudia's first competition horse. The pair went from 1.10m to 1.45m Grand Prix level in a couple of seasons with wins and placings to National level. Highlights as follows:

-2003-2007 Multiple winner and place getter in Young Rider and Grand Prix classes

-2006 NZ National SJ Championships 1* Grand Prix Championship 6th

-2005 NZ National SJ Championships Young Rider 5th place

-2005 South Island SJ Championships Young Rider 3rd place

-2005 South Island SJ Championships 1* Grand Prix 2nd place

Oliver was sold on to Pearl Delany-Girdlestone and had great success to Young Rider level.

Photo: Barbara Thomson


Cicero x Imperial Seal xx

2001 162.5cm Holsteiner/TB mare

Belle was produced from green broken by Euro Sport Horses on behalf of owner/breeder Kathryn Picton Warlow of Hurlingham International Horse Breeders. In her first season of competition she competed in the Show Hunter classes at the 2006 NZ National SJ Champs, where she had the following results:

-2006 NZ National SJ Champs Welcome Hunter 2nd place

-2006 NZ National SJ Champs 1st Year Reg 3rd place

Belle went on to place 5th in the 2008 6yr old of the Year class with Sally Steiner, and had further success at Junior Rider level with Alice Hamilton.


Kingsway Diamond x Kings Palace

1990 172cm Irish Hunter gelding

One of the most special and influential horses in Claudia's career. 'Gary' was an older Grand Prix horse bought as a school master for only $6000 due to his reputation for taking rails. The pair formed a good partnership very quickly and after a week together, placed 3rd in the Young Rider at the 2004 South Island Champs. In the next weeks they put in solid performances to GP including the 1.50 - 60m National Championship and the 2004 Horse of the Year class 1.60m, built by Frank Rothenberger, all while Claudia was 16yrs old and still competing ponies.

The following season after many top placings at GP, Gary was in the top 10 on the National Series mid way through the season before suffering a paddock accident resulting in a badly damaged suspensory ligament and the end of not only the season, but his career at Grand Prix level. 

After successful healing and rehab, Gary was sold on to a lower level home to finish out his career.

Photos: Barbara Thomson


1992 146.5cm Stationbred/Appaloosa gelding

Blonde was the first pony Claudia competed at Grand Prix level. He was purchased from the Bayliss family who bred him along with many other successful jumping ponies. With Claudia Blonde was extremely successful at Grand Prix level with numerous wins and placings, becoming one of the very best ponies in New Zealand.

-2004 Pony of the Year 2nd place

-2003 NZ National Pony Grand Prix Champion

Blonde was sold on and continued his great success at the highest level with other young riders.

Photos: Barbara Thomson


Not Fair x Shareef

1995 146cm Arab x mare

'Jen' came to us as a green jumper with a few training issues. She improved hugely and developed through the grades from 90cm to Grand Prix with wins and placings to National level. She was sold to Deborah Lambie who trained solely with Claudia. The pair had great success with wins to Grand Prix level including winning the Final Round of the 2006 NZ National Pony GP Championship, and finishing 3rd overall.


1981 125cm gelding

'Pinot' was the pony that launched Claudia's career. He was a huge character and very strong willed. He taught his riders extremely well, and would always let you know the difference between a good ride and a bad one! Pinot carried Claudia to many wins and placings across the disciplines including her first National title win at just 9yrs old. Top results include:

-1997 NZ Show Hunter Pony of the Year

-1998 Springston Trophy overall winner of the Junior Section

-1998 Otago Championship Show Pony Points Prize Champion

Pinot went on to teach many more young riders and competed successfully in his last Springston Trophy with the Snook family at 27yrs old! 

Photos: Barbara Thomson


Pre Catelan x Rhapsody Rose

1990 TB gelding

Loader was purchased as a weanling, picked out by Peter & Vicki Hay because of his super type. He went on to be an extremely successful race horse. Highlights include:

-1996 BMW Sprinter of the Year Award

-1996 Group 1 Railway Handicap

-1996 Group 1 Telegraph Handicap

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